Top 8 Best Mirror Works Sarees in India

Mirror Works Sarees :- Mirror works saree are not widely popular but in some cities in india it is trendy and popular and always in demand. Due to its wide demand in various cities in india many fashion designers are focusing on making new design for these saree like change pattern styles with mirrors, giving colour variation […]

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Top 8 Fresh Salwar Kameez Neck Designs

Salwar Kameez Neck Designs Sarees :- According to a fashion industry survey the demand of salwar kameez has been increased in past few years in almost every state in india. According to its demand many fashion designers are focusing on making new design of the salwar and kameez, make few changes in salwar kameez like […]

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8 Best and Trendy Modern Blouse Design in India

Modern Blouse Design :- According to survey report on women’s fashion in 2016 we see increased sales of saree blouse rather than saree because this year fashion designer has introduced many blouse design in fashion event. This new blouse are looking attractive and with their new design it can be wear in small parties like birthday and also on […]

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Top 8 Fresh and Trending Saree in Blue Colour

Blue Saree :- We have recently discuss about black color party wear saree like how styles and design reflect colors and its sales and today we are going share with you the best trending saree in blue color that are available to purchase online. The design given in these saree are same given by fashion designer in previous […]

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Trendy Mysore Silk Sarees Design in India

Mysore Silk Sarees :- These silk saree has got their name because karnataka silk are mainly grown in mysore district and also for their elegant looking design. These saree has gain their popularity since the reign of king tipu sultan. During the 90s these saree has loose their popularity because of the cost of production is to […]

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